How To Import

Finding your own Vehicle

Find a vehicle to import you can use eBay, Craigslist, auctions or US dealers

Contact us to make sure the vehicle your are intending to import is suitable to comply to Australian Standards.

The ideal vehicle for compliance is a standard vehicle (factory), or a vehicle with all the parts to return it to standard.

If the vehicle is not standard make sure you can arrange to have standard parts supplied.

If not, there my be extra costs to purchase replacement factory parts like exhaust systems.

Harley-SlideThe vehicle must be purchased with a Clear Titlesample-Title

Without a title the vehicle cannot be exported. The US title relates to both the origin of registration and the ownership history of the vehicle. The title also states if there are monies owing  it cannot be exported. This is America’s legal document of ownership and must be provided with the sale of the vehicle.

Purchasing your Vehicle

Once you have negotiated price and any additional parts that will assist with making the vehicle standard, you will need to choose a payment method. Payments can be made via a credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, cheque, etc.

We can help with bank transfer but fees and charges will apply.

Getting the Required Documentation

You will need the seller to send you a copy of the Title and Bill of Sale (tax invoice). One to hand this information should be forwarded to us. The seller will need to send the original Title and Bill of Sale to our US shipping depot via Fedex or UPS. A tracking number must be recorded for both yours and our records (if the documents don’t arrive they cannot be tracked without this number).

photoAsk the seller to send you pictures of the VIN, month and year of manufacture and any other pictures you require for your records. We CAN NOT submit an import application without the above information. If there is an error in the information supplied, delays can result in Australian customs and this will be at an extra cost to you.

Import approval

Import approval Is required for all imported vehicles and bikes prior to 1989 or trailers, Off Road motorcycles, ATV’s or SSV’s and Race Vehicles only. Import Approvals allow 15 working days for approval . All Vehicles and Bikes 1989 to current year , Import Approval must be lodged through a Registered Automotive Workshop, RAWS.

Inland freight

Trucking can be arranged to get the vehicle from the sellers address to our shipping depot at an additional cost. We do use insured trucking companies however take no responsibility for collection and delivery times. Inland freight is payable upon delivery to our shipping depot. Ocean freight is charged once the bike or car is packed and on the water.

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Australian Customs Release

Once your vehicles arrives in Australia it will be unpacked and inspected by customs. You will be invoiced at this time for GST. Payment is required upon receipt to avoid storage charges.

*GST is calculated on 10% of the purchase price and import costs of the bike.

*Import Duty- 5% payable on passager vehicles less than 30 years old and not classed as a commerical vehicle.


If you need help with raising the funds for your new Toy we have a on site finance professorial how can find the best lender to suit your needs

Warrantywarranty marinewarranty bike

Rocket imports and Northcoast Motorsport can offer a Vehicle warranty witch covers mechanical components similar to factory warranty’s over 1,2 or 3 Years.

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